Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fw: Municipal Transportation Agency - Aug 20th, 2013

The sfmta board hearing from August 20 is linked below. The time
markings of taxi-related material are as follows:
Under item# 7, Director's report, Ed Reiskin summarizes the CPUC
rule-making developments (28:18 - 39:52).
Some of the public comment on item 7 is from taxi members (Barry
Taranto, then Hansu Kim from 48:05 - 52:40; Tariq Mehmood, then Tone Lee
from 1:01:50 - 1:06:18; Bill Mounsey from 1:08:22 - 1:10:32).
Many of the speakers under item # 9, general public comment, were
non-taxi, but some were from taxi (Bill Mounsey 1:14:20 - 1:16:30; Barry
Taranto, then Hansu Kim 1:31:00 - 1:35:20; Tariq Mehmood, then Tone Lee
1:39:32 - 1:43:45; Emil Lawrence, then Barry Korengold 1:48:44 - 1:53:12).
Consent calendar item # 10.11 contained a controversial proposal to
require annual training henceforth for all taxi drivers (2:08:56 -
2:38:11). Chris Hayashi makes explanatory comments, ten public speakers
weigh in, then the board has a brief discussion and approves the

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fw: Board of Appeals - Aug 14th, 2013

From 05:14 - 38:10 on the link below, the Board of Appeals considered a
proposed Memorandum of Understanding last night between BOA and SFMTA
defining the conditions and inclusion of future appeals by taxicab permit
holders. Director Chris Hayashi made a presentation, five industry members
made speeches, and then all five BOA Board members stated that they were
opposed to the MOU.