Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Municipal Transportation Agency hearing dated December 6, 2011

Here is the 12-06-11 sfmta board hearing link. Under general public comment (item 9), Charles Rathbone speaks from 46:02 - 48:00. Later, from 51:56 - 1:03:15, speakers are Laurie Graham, Peter Witt, Tariq Mehmood, Barry Taranto, and Steve Reimers.The Nygaard consultants' report on credit card fees, backseat terminals, and electronic waybills is item 16 from 1:38:45 - 3:02:10. Item 17, regarding Transportation Code amendments including eligibility for selling medallions when the application process briefly re-opens in the near future, is from 3:12:20 - 4:17:07. Although the Board voted to exclude pre-K participation at this time, it was explained that a permanent medallion system proposal is expected within three months, so that the Board did not want a large expansion of the pilot program in the interim.