Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 4, 2012, sfmta board meeting

Linked below is the September 4, 2012, sfmta board meeting. Item # 11 is
a proposal for sfmta to issue from 150 - 200 new taxi medallions to
themselves for direct leasing to color schemes which meet radio dispatch
performance criteria that sfmta is developing. It is a three-year pilot
program, with a suggested monthly leasing fee of about $1,900.
Beginning at 31:50, Director Reiskin takes five minutes to introduce the
measure. Then, from 36:40 - 1:41:22, a spectrum of individuals make speeches
(taxi company representatives. taxi drivers including medallion waiting list
applicants, and officials from the hotel, restaurant, and chamber of
commerce associations.) From 1:41:22 - 2:09:10, the directors discuss and
then unanimously approve the proposal. Mr. Reiskin states near the end that
he will present a definitive proposal as to the future of the medallion
waiting list at one of the next two board meetings (i.e., either September
28 or October 16.)
After a ten-minute recess, there is general public comment under item # 9
(2:20:26 - 2:45:13), consisting mostly of taxi drivers.