Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The MTA Truncates the List

Video of the SFMTA board meeting of November 20 is available here:

Click here for the video.

Items 11 and 12 were combined, from 0:20:45 to 1:07. Item 11 pertained to truncating the medallion waiting list permanently as a source for non-purchased medallions.

The proposal at the meeting was to allow 150 future medallions to be bought at half-price ($150,000) by top list applicants. The board raised the number of future medallions 200 and approved the item. Some speakers were very emotional. Angst and pathos were abundant, and a few speakers abandoned any notion of civility towards the board.

Under item 9, general public comment, roughly half the speakers are from taxi (2:01:10 - 2:35:38). Item 13, technically a vote to extend the implementation date for electronic waybills until February 28, 2013, engendered conversation on the perceived need for a universal smart phone GPS based application, so as to copy UBER's business model (2:35 - 2:51).